New discussion document looks at private lands in protected areas

One particular issue has emerged in discussions on management of protected areas in each of the IFPAM project’s Subcommittees; this issue is: how is the situation of private lands within a protected area to be addressed?  People enjoy the benefit of their land ownership in various ways.  The private lands that are located within six pilot sites of the IFPAM project demonstrate the multitude of uses by which the landowners exercise their right of ownership.

Are these uses harmonious with the protected status of the lands that they adjoin?  Are there circumstances directly linked with the land use that may impact negatively on the protected areas?  What is the best way to resolve negative impacts and create ‘win-win’ scenarios for all involved?

These questions and more are addressed in the latest issue of the Information Leaf entitled “Can private lands exist in protected areas”.

Learn about the issue at this link.