Forest Officers take part in GPS-GIS Workshop

The "Improving Forest and Protected Area Management in Trinidad and Tobago" project together with the Institute of Marine Affairs and the Environmental Management Authority recently assisted in facilitating a GPS-GIS Workshop for officers of the Forestry Division.

Learn more about the activity at this link


Examining Gender Issues in Protected Area Management

Representatives of various stakeholder organizations that are engaged in the "Improving Forest and Protected Area Management in Trinidad and Tobago" project recently participated in a one-day workshop which explored gender issues in protected area management.

The participants learned how to conduct a gender analysis in their organizations' environmental projects and in the protected areas to which they are connected through project Subcommittees.

A call-back session planned for early 2018 will examine how their new learning has assisted in review and in the application of a 'gender lens' to their work.

Learn more about the workshop at this link.

Local NGO featured on "Blue Planet" series

The excellent work being undertaken by the Grande Riviere Nature Tour Guide Association was featured in the BBC-produced documentary, "Blue Planet".

Learn more about the story of these villagers' decision to be actively involved in conservation of marine turtles as told by Mr. Len Peters.  The Grande Riviere Nature Tour Guide Association is an active member of the Matura Forest and Coastal Zone Pilot Protected Area Subcommittee under the project "Improving Forest and Protected Area Management in Trinidad and Tobago".

View a portion of the "Blue Planet" episode at this link.

Public Awareness Walkabout in Charlotteville

Members of the Tobago Pilot Protected Areas Subcommittee embarked on a village walkabout exercise in the village of Charlotteville on November 28th 2017.   

The exercise was geared towards sharing information about the North-East Tobago Marine pilot protected area and the Main Ridge Forest Reserve with residents of the coastal village, in order to increase awareness of these sites and improve valuing of the natural resource.  The team answered questions about the natural attributes of the site, the need to manage protected areas and they shared a colourful information brochure which featured six plant and animal species that are found in this part of Tobago.

Read more about this public education exercise at this link.