Secondary School Symposium held jointly with IMA in Tobago

In the month of October 2018, the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) partnered with the Improving Forest and Protected Area Management in Trinidad and Tobago (IFPAMTT) project to host a symposium for the benefit of secondary schools in Tobago.  The symposium presented information on current work being done by the Institute, the IFPAMTT project, the Environmental Management Authority, the Department of Natural Resources and Forestry (Tobago House of Assembly) and local environmental NGOs.  Students who attended the Symposium were able to ask questions about these activities and also gained advice on the range of career paths they can follow to contribute to the management of Tobago's natural environment.  A report on the Symposium can be found at this link.

December issue of ProtectEd is here

The latest issue of the IFPAMTT project newsletter, ProtectEd is here!  This latest issue reports on project activities that took place over the last six-month period.  Enjoy catching up with news on the development of protected area management plans, the project's observance of World Food Day 2018 in October, a wide range of communication activities undertaken in Tobago and much, much more.  Read the latest issue of ProtectEd at this link.



Primary Teachers Workshop "localises" Science Curriculum

A workshop which targeted key topics on the Primary School Science Curriculum was offered to teachers in Tobago in late October.  The workshop was built around a toolkit of activities which introduced the science topics using the vehicle of storytelling.  The activities were well-received by thirty-one teachers who attended the workshop and set the pace for future networking among the teachers and local resource personnel who are involved in protected area management on the island.  Learn more about the workshop at this link The toolkit which was developed for the workshop was refined with feedback from the teachers, and is available at this link.

"My Caroni" pilot series comes to a close

The third and final session of the "My Caroni" research/information sharing series came to a close on Friday 26th October 2018.  The series, which was conceptualised to update managers and key stakeholders on pertinent and current issues relevant to management was held on a monthly basis, from August 2018.  Read about this final session, which covered two surveys conducted in selected communities which border the Caroni Swamp at this link.

"My Caroni" session focuses on Scarlet Ibis and Enforcement matters

The second session in the "My Caroni" information/research sharing series took place on Friday 28th September 2018. 

An initiative of the Caroni Swamp Pilot Protected Area Subcommittee (IFPAMTT project), these sessions assist managers in understanding the complexity of issues which face the protected area, and offer opportunities to discuss, brainstorm ideas and network to find practical solutions and/or approaches to improved management.  At the second session which was hosted at the Head Office of the Environmental Management Authority, attendees gained insight on the process followed for designation of the most recent Environmentally Sensitive Species, the Scarlet Ibis.  Additionally, the current challenges facing managers for enforcement within the Caroni Swamp (and other protected areas) and the novel ways in which some of these are being addressed, were shared.  Learn more about the information shared and the discussions which ensued at this link.  The next session of the series will be held in late October.