Workshops test Forest Monitoring Protocols

A series of workshops were held with stakeholders recently in Trinidad and Tobago to test procedures for the development of Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Protocols.  The workshops were held at Melajo in east Trinidad for the benefit of stakeholders connected to forests at the Matura National Park Environmentally Sensitive Area and the Trinity Hills Wildlife Sanctuary.  The Tobago workshop was hosted at the Main Ridge Forest Reserve.  Stakeholders participated first in a 'classroom' session, in which they were briefed on the parameters for monitoring and the data sheets that will be used in these exercises.  After this, a field session was undertaken, in which they began to use various pieces of equipment and observation skills to capture the required information.  The workshops were well attended by formal managers from Government agencies as well as non-government stakeholders including community groups, environmental groups and educators.  The test protocols are being refined following feedback received from the workshop participants and a report on the activity will be developed in due course.