Baseline Biological Survey Report

A baseline biological survey of six pilot protected areas was undertaken in 2017 as part of the Improving Forest and Protected Area Management in Trinidad and Tobago project.  The main aims of the survey were to:

  • Determine the presence and status of as many as possible indicator species (outlined in the IFPAMTT project document) using rapid assessment protocols
  • Map areas of disturbed and degraded vegetation in each pilot protected area
  • Analyse the data gathered to propose indicator taxa lists for each pilot protected area
  • Propose final monitoring methods

A brief presentation on the output of this survey is provided at this link.

Enforcement Officers Workshop (2018)

Over the period June - August 2018, three one-day workshops were undertaken as a joint initiative of the Improving Forest and Protected Area Management in Trinidad and Tobago project and the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) which were geared towards building knowledge of the legal framework for environmental management among senior enforcement officers.  The workshops were attended by 114 persons, including representatives of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard, Game Wardens of the Wildlife Division, Forestry Officers, Environmental Police Unit, Police of Regional Corporations and the Customs and Excise Division (Tobago). 

Key presentations were delivered on the Environmental Management Act 2000 Chapter 35:05 and rules, the Conservation of Wildlife Act Chapter 67:01, the Forest Act Chapter 66:01, the State Lands Act Chapter 57:01 an the Town and Country Planning Act Chapter 35:01.  A report on the workshops is provided at this link.

Annual Lessons Learned Workshop

The Improving Forest and Protected Area Management in Trinidad and Tobago (IFPAMTT) project has undertaken a participatory approach in its execution, which involves a range of forest and protected area stakeholders.  Representatives from Government agencies, non-governmental organisations and community-based organisations working together on a project Steering Committee, Pilot Protected Area Subcommittees and Working Groups have coordinated and piloted activities geared towards building awareness and enhancing management of the six project sites.  Annually, a self-evaluation exercise titled the "Lessons Learned Workshop" has been organised to enable sharing of experiences and distilling key approaches that are useful in sustaining project outcomes.  Reports generated by these sessions are available for public reference.

Lessons Learned Workshop 2017

Lessons Learned Workshop 2018


Application of a Gender Lens to Environmental Management

Representatives of various stakeholder organizations that are engaged in the Improving Forest and Protected Area Management in Trinidad and Tobago project participated in two workshops which explored the application of a gender lens to projects in environmental management.

Participants learned how to conduct a gender analysis in their projects and to use the findings of these analyses in project development and implementation.  Reports on each session, held in December 2017 and January 2018 are provided.